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Sex is great with 3-mmc, really!

We just received a response from a customer who has tried 3-MMC for the first time. We found the reaction so special that we wanted to share it, because it has a scientific edge to it.

(we do not produce research chemicals for consumption, and do not recommend the consumption of research chemicals at all times. )

The part we would like to share:

Sex is great with 3-mmc, really! You can keep going. It makes you very active, you have fun, talk to everyone. You get high, very happy in your head, euphoric even. It’s a bit like ecstasy, but that’s completely gone in our scene. The effect of 3-mmc is much more severe.

Sexuality under the influence of research chemicals is also called “chemsex”. Chemsex is sex in which drugs (chems, from chemistry) play an important role. 3-MMC stimulates the production of dopamine and serotonin in the brain. These stimuli create a euphoric feeling in which feelings of lust are also worked up.

The benefits of chem sex could be that, for the sake of convenience, the whole sexual process is natural where the man could last a little longer than usual (sorry guys, we’re just listing the facts). The disadvantage, however, is that chemsex can also create a dependence on stimulants.

The fact remains that research chemicals can be harmful, just like any other drug, if consumed. It can boost a person’s sex life, and in some cases cause internal damage as well. Always be extremely careful about consuming research chemicals and keep hydrating yourself with water to flush your liver and kidneys as much as possible.

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