6-APB Benzofury
6-APB Benzofury
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6-APB Benzofury



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Buy 6-APB Powder Benzofury at ResChemical.com.

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ResChemical.com is a specialist in Research Chemicals. We have been manufacturing in our own lab with a lot of experienced specialists for many years. We only offer very high quality 6-APB (purity> 98%) which has been tested in various laboratories. We only sell 6-APB that meet our quality requirements of the Pharmacy Grade. Only the best 6-APB is good enough for our clients.

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Benzofury is a research chemical that appeared on the Dutch market in 2010. Benzofury is sold as a (1 gram / 2x 0,5 gram) pill and as a powder per 1 gram. In powder form it is usually white in color, sometimes brownish or beige. Benzofury is a party drug related to MDMA, MDA and amphetamine. According to users, the effect resembles a combination of the sharpness of cocaine and the social effect of MDMA / XTC. Some users describe a mild hallucinogenic effect. We at ResChemical.com never recommend consuming 6-APB and only sell it for research purposes.

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Important info when purchasing 1 gram of 6-APB Powder

  • Keep 6-APB out of reach of children and animals at all times
  • 6-APB is for research purposes only – Not for consumption.
  • Because we take the environment into account, the discharge of research chemicals is not allowed

Warnings about 1 gram of 6-APB Powder

  • Both 6-APB powder and liquid can cause respiratory irritation
  • Furthermore, 6-APB can cause eye irritation

Storage advice 1 gram 6-APB Powder

  • Keep in a dry and cool place at all times
  • As mentioned, keep the 1 gram of 6-APB away from heat and open fire

Additional information

Weight1 g
Dimensions280 × 210 × 2 cm

1 Gram 6-APB Benzofury



CAS Number



1 Gram




2 x 0.5 milligram capsules


Pharmacy Grade



6-APB Color

Broken white to light brown powder

Country of production

The Netherlands (by ResChemical.com)

Usage Warning

6-APB is produced for research purposes only. This product is not for human consumption and may be harmful for your health


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