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3-MeO-PCP (also known as 3-Methoxyphencyclidine) is a lesser-known novel dissociative substance of the arylcyclohexylamine class. 3-MeO-PCP is a derivative of phencyclidine (PCP) and is also chemically very related to substances like methoxetamine and 3-MeO-PCE. This research chemical produces its effects by blocking NMDA receptors in the brain.

3-MeO-PCP Effects

3-MeO-PCP is usually described as being more stimulating and less immobilizing than other popular dissociatives such as ketamine or MXE. Using 3-MeO-PCP at a lower doses, it can induce sensory enhancements such as color enhancement and acuity enhancement, tactile enhancement, auditory enhancement and bodily control enhancement. However, taking 3-MeO-PCP at a medium to high doses, it presents sensory suppressions such as tactile suppression, motor control loss, auditory suppression and acuity suppression.

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Never mix 3-MeO-PCP with other research chemicals, (designer)drugs and/or alcohol. It is commonly reported that mixing 3-MeO-PCP with other substances can lead to severe unpleased (side) effects. Always dose at a minimum and hydrate when using this substance. We created 3-MeO-PCP for research purposes only and we never advise anyone to consume research chemicals.

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3-MeO-PCP, 3-Methoxyphencyclidine



CAS Number



1 Gram




3-MeO-PCP is packed in 2 x 0.5 milligram capsules


Pharmacy Grade



Country of production

the Netherlands (By ResChemical.com)

Usage Warning

3-MeO-PCP is produced for research purposes only. This product is not for human consumption and may be harmful for your health


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