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Shipping & delivery

Take a look at how you will receive your order.

Yes. We take a lot of care in how we ship our products to our customers. Depending on the quantity of research chemicals that you order, the parcel will fit in your mailbox. We protect and wrap the products with great caution in order to comply with safety measures for our clients.

All of our parcels will be send out with track&tracing. You will always know when you will receive your products.

There is not any visible printing on the package. We take the privacy of our clients extremely serious and make a lot of effort to protect the privacy of our customers.

Would you rather speak to an employee about how we deliver? Please contact our Customer Service.

No, we only offer shipping options on our research chemicals and no local pickup. Too many people just showed up at our lab unannounced at the strangest times. For this reason we choose to only ship these products.

We always do our best to ship your products on the same day when you placed your order.

You will always receive an email when you order has been shipped and if you have an account, you can also check the status of you order on your account page.

Check the following:

1. The Track & Trace code of the package
You can find it in the shipping confirmation.

2. The delivery address
Did you enter the correct delivery address? Make sure to check your postal code as well.

3. Your mailbox
Did you receive a not-home notification from PostNL? The package may have been delivered to your neighbors, or the delivery driver may have planned a new delivery moment.

Is this all correct? Please wait a little longer. Usually, a delayed package arrives the next day. Didn’t receive your package 5 days after your original delivery day? Please contact our Customer Service.

No, we don’t offer free shipping. And we have a very good reason for this.

The shipping costs to deliver your products have to be paid. Most webshops calculate these shipping costs based on an additional fee on the product prices. We can always make our Research Chemicals a bit more expensive and pretend that we offer ‘Free Shipping”, (like most webshops do), but we choose to be transparant about the costs of our products.

It’s unfair to pay extra for something that has a standard rate. There is no such thing as free shipping.

We keep all costs open and display exactly what our clients have to pay to have their products delivered. This way we can also keep our product priced at a very competitive level which will benefit you as a client.

No worries! Drop us an message on our Customer Service contact page and we’ll get back to you as quick as we can!