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Returns & exchanges

Our returns & exchanges policy fully explained
You probably understand that you can’t return the following products:
  • All kinds of Research Chemicals that we offer in our shop
  • All kinds of Research Chemicals that are offered in webshops other than ours
  • Vouchers, gift cards, or store credit. Even if you haven’t used it yet.
We can’t refund you for services performed by postal workers or installers either. These include:
  • Installation and build-in costs.
  • Redeemed vouchers for build-in and/or installation.
  • Costs for special shipping options and time slot delivery.

his depends on the specific product. We offer different solutions for small products and large products.

  • Most products can be returned to us.
  • We usually pick up large products such as rotary evaporators.

We do not pay/refund the costs of the returned product(s).

Please contact our Customer Services team before sending back your order.

Use sturdy packaging. If you can, use the original packaging. That way, the chances of the product getting damages are less. No longer have the original packaging? No problem, we’ll look at the condition of your returned product and determine what the depreciation is based on that.

You have 2 options within 14 days of receiving your product:
  • Exchange your product for a new one for free;
  • Return your product and get a refund.
Your product will always be repaired after 30 days.

No worries! Drop us an message on our Customer Service contact page and we’ll get back to you as quick as we can!