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Repairs & warranty

Repairs & warranty information about all research chemicals & laboratory equipment

If your product breaks within the warranty period and it’s a manufacturing defect, the repairs are completely free.

Even if the defect is your own fault, we can help you. You’ll have to pay in that case, though. We can’t indicate the costs in advance. We’ll examine your product, make a quote, and wait for your decision before we start the repair.

Go to the product page of your product. In the specifications, you can find what type of warranty you have and how long the warranty lasts. We have 2 types of warranties:

  • Carry in . We ask you to send us your broken product. The product will be repaired by a repair service appointed by the manufacturer;
  • On-site service . The manufacturer’s repair service comes to your home or office to repair large products.

You can turn to us for your repair both inside and outside the factory warranty. Once your warranty expires, you have to pay for the repair.

  • Did your product break within 30 days of purchase? You can get a refund or exchange your product for a new one;
  • Did your product break after 30 days with normal use and within the warranty period? In that case, it’s a manufacturing defect and the repair is completely free of charge.

  • You can also ask us to repair products outside the factory warranty. You’ll have to pay for those repairs, though. We’ll examine your product and make a quote. Based on that, you can choose whether you want your product repaired or not.

If your product no longer works properly due to how you used it. If you throw coffee over your rotary evaporator and the screen goes black, for example. If you want to have user damage repaired, you’ll have to pay. We’ll examine your product and make a quote. Based on that, you can choose whether you want it repaired or not.

No worries! Drop us an message on our Customer Service contact page and we’ll get back to you as quick as we can!